class beneath.TableInstance[source]

Represents an instance of a Table, i.e. a specific version that you can query/subscribe/write to. Learn more about instances at

table: Table

The table that this is an instance of

instance_id: uuid.UUID

The table instance ID

is_final: bool

True if the instance has been made final and is closed for further writes

is_primary: bool

True if the instance is the primary instance for the table

version: int

The instance’s version number

async update(make_primary=None, make_final=None)[source]

Updates the instance

async delete()[source]

Deletes the instance

async query_log(peek: bool = False)beneath.cursor.Cursor[source]

Queries the table’s log, returning a cursor for replaying every record written to the instance or for subscribing to new changes records in the table.


peek (bool) – If true, returns a cursor for the most recent records and lets you page through the log in reverse order.

async query_index(filter: Optional[str] = None)beneath.cursor.Cursor[source]

Queries a sorted index of the records written to the table. The index contains the newest record for each record key (see the table’s schema for the key). Returns a cursor for paging through the index.


filter (str) – A filter to apply to the index. Filters allow you to quickly find specific record(s) in the index based on the record key. For details on the filter syntax, see

async write(records: Union[, Iterable[]])[source]

Convenience wrapper for Client.write